Monday, March 27, 2017


SKIN: Insol / 2-in-1 Skin Diana / Ebony - @uber!
-- includes shapes for Catya and Lona (CATWA mesh heads)
-- brow/browless and highlighting/normal skins included in HUD
BODYMaitreya / Lara
HANDS: Vista Animations / Prohands [Female] [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED]
HAIR: little bones. / Twyla / Brunettes/Browns - @uber!
-- HUDs have been changed to include all hair swatches for your selected color and animations/styling options
EYES: CATWA / Mesh Eyes
EYE APPLIERS: LOTUS. / Formation Eyes / 10 [gacha; common]
-- includes both mesh eyes and appliers for the Catwa Mesh Eyes
BEAUTY MARKS: Just Magnetized / Beauty Marks - set 03 for CATWA
LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Aura Lips for Catwa - NEW!!!
NAILS: e.marie / CandyGirl Set - Oval - NEW!!!
-- FOR VISTA HANDS YAY! But you still get fits for SLink, Belleza and Maitreya hands
EARS: ^^Swallow^^ / Punky Ears
TATTOO: .ARISE. / Isu Tattoo - @Lost and Found!

TOP: GATO / Wowie Tee (Maitreya) / 4 [gacha; common]
PANTS: .miss chelsea. / Alva Leggings / Blue - @uber!
-- Fits Freya and Isis bodies (Belleza), both SLink bodies and Maitreya
-- HUD allows for four pants-color changes
SHOES: Momento. / Walker Heels - @kustom9! [gacha; RARE]
-- RARE's HUD changes shoe, lace and metal colors
-- Fits Maitreya and SLink HIGH feet

NOSE RING: Amala / The Lover Nose Stud
-- includes color-change HUD that also allows you to toggle shadow
BRACELET: e.marie // Throwback Bracelets@kustom9! [1]
-- Available in three metals - Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling
-- There's the three-thinger and six-thinger bracelets in each metal color pack. HUD for the three and six that allows you to change the letters!
RINGS: **RealEvil Industries** / Luxy Rings Set
-- For BENTO hands! Why, yes; that means they move with your fingers!
-- HUD allows you to show/hide all rings AND change metal and gem colors.
BAG: !gO! / Hippie fringed bag - 2 - @Shiny Shabby! [gacha; common]

HATCHED KITTY: [La Baguette] / Kitten / Night - @The Kawaii Project!
-- Shell is color-change by touch.

BACKDROP: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA Cosmetic Store [gacha; common]
MANNEQUINS: Ariskea / Angel - @The Arcade! [black ones are commons; pink one is RARE]
BUST: [zerkalo] / Mademoiselle
SNAKE PLANT: dust bunny. - @Collabor88!
TABLES: Ariskea & unKindness / [Solace] Iron table - @Collabor88!

[La Baguette] / Cantana (set of 10) - [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED] - @Whore Couture Fair 7! (closes in four days, so hurry!)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Powder Pack: Catwa Edition (Part 1)

Previously, I revealed the names of the participating designers for the Catwa Edition of March's Powder Pack. Now that it's officially been released, as of the 17th, I can start to show you some of the appliers in use!

SKIN: Amara Beauty / Brooke / Tone 12
-- Omega body appliers included (thus, you can apply to Vista Bento hands, as I am wearing above)
EYE MAKEUP: Bold & Beauty
-- Also included are "Natural Eyebrows," "Natural Gloss Lips" and "Highlighter and Freckles" appliers.
EYE LASHES: [okkbye] / Amaris Eyelashes
-- Also included is "Aquiver Eyeliner" applier.
LIPSTICK: ::Modish:: / Linda Cosmetics

Here's a capture of what's yours in every applier HUD:





But two things:
1) These are only four of the appliers in the 12-applier Powder Pack. ONLY A THIRD!
2) Pre-orders for the LELUTKA Powder Pack have already started, so grab it now before the price doubles!


Other credits include:

HAIR: Moon. Hair / 3WW  / Ombres - @kustom9!
TOP: .:villena:. / Torn Cropped Shirt / GnR Dip - @kustom9!
TATTOO: .ARISE. / Joa Tattoo - @The Skin Fair, Sim 2!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Inside of brocante.'s seafoam [RARE] Vintage Camper, available for play at the Arcade, are:

FRAMES (left): :HAIKEI: - @kustom9! [gacha common]

PLANT (left): Ariskea & unKindness - @Collabor88!

zerkalo@The Arcade! [all commons]

DIRTY DISHES: Soy. + Toro. - @kustom9! [gacha common]

"KISS ME" NEON: floorplan.@kustom9!

BORDER COLLIE PUP: [Black Bantam] - @The Arcade!

TEA: {Imeka} - @The Chapter Four! [gacha RARE]

BAMBOOSoy. + Toro. - @kustom9! [gacha common]

FOUNDATION CREAM: Ariskea - @The Arcade! [common]

FRAMES (right): floorplan. - @Collabor88!

BOOKS: Kalopsia - @Collabor88!

BATH BOMBS: Ariskea - @The Arcade! [common]


Just me and my little puppy...

And my irrational, long-lasting love for classic Disney. This song always picks me up:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Powder Pack for March: ORDER SOON!

The CATWA March Edition of the Powder Pack is available for pre-order now and until March 16th, with the actual box being delivered on the 17th. That's right; you've got four days to purchase the pack at its discounted cost of 1,500L. After the 16th, it'll cost 3,000L!

These 12 amazing brands will showcase items for the March pack:

Amara Beauty
Bold & Beauty
Just Magnetized
Pink Fuel

Here's all the information you'll ever need about the Powder Pack, including where to order!

Order in-world
Order @ the Marketplace
Powder Pack Website
Powder Pack In-world Group
Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Flickr Group

Be quick!

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Anonymity Shape!

I've made a shape! And that shape is available for purchase on the Marketplace!

I hope there will be more of these and other kinds of goodies, such as appliers for the various mesh heads. But for now, all I've got it this little anonymous shape, made for LeLutka's Simone Bento mesh head. I'm wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body, but the shape works as well with SLink Physique and my favorite of the three Belleza bodies, Isis.

A style card is included, of course - complete with SLurls and as much information as you can stand on, for example, HUDs and additional colors available for sale.

(Click on the picture below to get to the MP listing)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Kalopsia @ March 2017 Arcade!

Here's a bit of Kalopsia's set from The Arcade, coming up in a bit over 24 hours. I'm sorry, but the adorable kitty is not included. Neither am I! :P

Here's the key:

Other credits?

SHORTS: [Pumpkin] / Crushed Velvet Shorts / Gray - @kustom9!
SOCKS: ::C'est la vie !:: / Kaja Dot Socks
TATTOO: .ARISE. / The Pain Tattoo - @Lost and Found!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Midnight Society

FIGURE  (with coat, light and shoes)
:HAIKEI: @kustom9!

Kalopsia @Collabor88!

"The Midnight Society" NEON: floorplan. @Rewind!

MICE and TEACUPS: O.M.E.N. @Enchantment!

FRAME: floorplan. @Collabor88!

BABY: [Black Bantam] @kustom9! [gacha common]
-- I always said that I'd name my first daughter "September." Don't judge me. I named her September. 

CHAIR and OTTOMAN: brocante.
-- for 02/17's FLF, but you can still get it and the matching loveseat for only 50L each!

RUG: imbue.
-- NOT available for sale!


[La Baguette] @MadPea International Food Fair!

Apple Fall @The Crossroads!

Thanks to my friend, Sighvatr. I basically rezzed things I wanted to blog, and he set about arranging said things. I wanted to decorate the whole house, and he basically reeled my excited arse in to this corner. Bless him.

His Flickr photostream is full of pictures you want to see, so do be sure to visit it!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Girl Named Forward

SKIN: {Meghindo's} / Charlene / Ebony
-- contains two appliers: with and without brows
BODYMaitreya / Lara
HANDS: Vista Animations / Prohands [Female] [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED]
-- this is the final female product; male hands are now in beta
-- HUD includes presets from three popular skin makers (Glam Affair, Skinnery and Akeruka); ability to tint hands, apply alpha cuts, tattoos and gloves; control nail length and color and 12 positions for each hand.
HAIR: lock&tuft / Pompom/Nopom Gacha [RARE]
-- HUD allows you to change your beanie's color and words.
EYES: CATWA / Mesh Eyes
EYE APPLIERS: LOTUS. / Formation Eyes / 10 [common] - @The Chapter Four!
-- includes both mesh eyes and appliers for the Catwa Mesh Eyes
LASHES: #adored / bombshell lashes [CATWA applier]
-- also available in mesh
BEAUTY MARKS: Just Magnetized / Beauty Marks - set 03 for CATWA
LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Aura Lips for Catwa - NEW!!!
EARS: [Atomic] / Night Creature Ears

TOP: imbue. / strappy tanks / noir - NEW!!!
-- Don't get confused! The object is called "strappy tanks" but the objects inside will be named "strappy crop." 
-- Each of the seven colors includes four fits: TMP, Maitreya and both female SLink bodies.
PANTS: [Pumpkin] / Sweatpants / Gray
-- Fits for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink bodies and Maitreya; available in five colors and one pattern
SHOES: ::ROC:: / Canvas Sneaker! Tiptoe
-- HUD allows for 25 color changes (though those changes do not include the shoestrings)!
-- Fits Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and TMP

NECKLACE: :: PurpleMoon Creations :: / Sage #2 Choker - @The Chapter Four!
-- includes color-change HUD for leather and metal
BRACELET: e.marie / Journey Bracelet Set - @N21! (02/21) [1]
-- Available in four metals - 14k, 18k, Rose Gold and Sterling
-- Each metal pack contains all three dainty bracelets individually and together, a HUD for stone color-change and HUD for engraving change. (Yes, if you look at my picture closely, you'll see that there is engraving. And it reads, "Not Your Babe."
-- You can buy an add-on with bonus engravings; "Not Your Babe" is in the add-on. You may NOT buy an add-on HUD of a metal different from the one you purchased. For example, you can't use the Rose Gold Add-On for the Silver pack of bracelets.
-- See the HUDs below!
RINGS: CODE-5 / Wings of Love V-01
-- For BENTO hands! Why, yes; that means they move with your fingers!
-- HUD allows you to show/hide all rings! 

OLD PUP: [Black Bantam] / My Old Doggy Gacha Set  - @The Chapter Four!
-- Comes with all the usual options; I named this one Jackson because he reminds me of my dear Jackson who passed a few months ago. I miss him so much.

BACKDROP: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA / Southwark Area [common]

LEFT: [La Baguette] / Hina (set of 10) - [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED]
PEACE SIGN: [La Baguette] / Kiokiom (set of 10) - [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED]



Sunday, January 22, 2017


HEAD: CATWA / Catya [Bento head]
SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Sophie / Brownie
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
HAIR: tram / F1124 hair / HUD A
EYES: [Buzz] / Okina / Obsidian  - @Epiphany! [gacha common]
LASHES: .:Mai Bilavio:. / Mini Mink Lash (CATWA BENTO) - @kustom9! [gacha common]
EYE MAKEUP: .ARISE. / Rina Eyeshadows / Black - @Suicide Dollz!
FRECKLES: .ARISE. / Ally Freckles - @Lost and Found
LIPSTICK: Studio Exposure - Romantic Date Matte Lipstick Vers. 06 Makeup (Catwa)
NAILS: e.marie / OVAL Glitter Ombre - @kustom9! [1]
-- HUD image below
BODY TATTOO: *Bolson / Serra and Eli
-- includes tattoo layers and these appliers: Belleza (body), CATWA (face and neck), Maitreya, The Mesh Project, Omega, and SLink (hands and body). All have fresh, normal and worn intensities.

TOP: .[Pumpkin] / Layered Crop Tee / Thrasher - @kustom9!
-- Fits for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink bodies and Maitreya; available in four colors and the above "Thrasher" graphic tee.
-- Customization HUD allows toggling of the net
PANTS: .:villena:. / Laced Up Leggings / Gray - @kustom9!
-- Fits for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink bodies and Maitreya; available in five colors
-- All include HUD, which allows for metal and skin tone change.

WATCH: e.marie / 10:10 Watch - @kustom9! [2]
-- Available in four metals. 
-- HUD image below

DALMATIAN PUP: [Black Bantam] / My Sitting Dalmatian Puppy Pack  - @N21!
-- both holdable and rezzable versions include, and all the usual touch-menu options.

BACKDROP: MINIMAL / Sights Background - @Epiphany! [gacha RARE]





(How's about some comedy this time? One of my favs!)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ama Profile Pic

HEAD: LeLutka / Simone 2.0 [Bento]
-- This is a Bento head; you'd need to have a Bento-enabled viewer. The latest Firestorm version is Bento-capable, for example. I'm pretty sure the official viewer is as well.
SKIN: .:[PUMEC] :. /.:CORA:. / November - @The Crossroads!
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
HAIR: [BURLEY] / Paige-B / DarkBrowns
HAIRBASE: Just Magnetized / Basic Hairbase/ Set 13 [OMEGA]
EYES: .ARISE. / Joyce Eyes / Brown 
-- AD:

CARDIGAN: Eaters Coma /  Pocket Knitted Cardigan / Dark Gray
-- includes tank with color-change hud, including the option to hide the tank, as seen above
TOP: imbue. / strappy tanks / white - NEW!!!
-- for Maitreya ONLY! Comes in seven colors
SHORTS: KITJA / Celena Jeans
-- for both SLink bodies and Maitreya
-- includes skin-color HUD for exposed hips and left knee

CHOKER: #Foxy / Wide Velvet Choker / Monster
-- two versions: silver and gold clasps


So... this happened today. Naturally, Facebook had to hear about it: